Since 1954 when AESCO opened for business, we've dedicated outselves to partnering with a select group of interconncet, passives and electromechanical products manufacturers to meet our customers' needs. We have built our business by building relationships - by working closely with both our manufacturers and our customers.  Our dedication to our lines and our customers have earned us an enviable reputation for customer care.  Our in-depth knowledge of our products and customer applications enables customers to rely on us - with absolute confidence.  Our management commitment to the industry extends to stocking of inventory to ensure on-time delivery and competitive pricing - every time.
Over the years, our role has changed from that of component fulfillment to supply chain management for mid-range customers.  As the industry has changed and created challenges for our customers, we have stepped in with inventory management solutions that help our customers and suppliers become more profitable.  We have built relationships based on TRUST.  We communicate openly, honestly and on a timely basis to ensure that expectations are realistic.  We work to avoid surprises and ensure satisfaction.
But success has not made us content, it has made us passionate about customer service.  Every day we search for new ways to serve you.  Putting information at your fingertips.  Aggressively pursuing new lines to more completely serve your needs.  Investigating new techology to continually find ways to move product through the distribution channel in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible. 
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